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Development started: Aug 2, 2018


How-To: Launch Infernity on Linux

Mod description from ModDB

Diablo Infernity searches to add things to enhance d1 gameplay.

The mod allows you to import your vanilla character and continue playing! Right now Infernity contains both the original game and an additional difficulty level. Until you reach that new difficulty, you are having 100% vanilla experience + Quality of Life enhancements (alt highlighting items, monster health bar, additional inventory tabs etc.). The real fun begins after level 30, when you can access hell and inferno difficulties. On Inferno magic and unique items can have an additional affix, which doesn't follow the usual limitations - for example you could get a ring with +2 to spells or 300% damage to demons. For latest release visit the github website, updates are being released almost daily! Also there's an accurate changelog / featurelist there : ) You can find the mod on reddit and github, where you can find latest release and accurate changelog/feature list.

Here you can find all versions of this mod.
Sergi4UA Builds:

Version Description Download
Force Inferno A simple source mod that forces the game to run at the highest difficulty possible. Based on version 1.13 Download

Qndel Builds (official):

Version Description Download
1.00 First version of Infernity Download
1.01 Added health bar (can turn on/off in config) Download
1.02 Added alt highlighting items Download
1.03 Added running in town/dungeon and highlighting monsters in combat (something like infravision but you have to aggro monster to see it )(can turn on/off in config) Download
1.04 Restored compatibility with vanilla, changed affix generation system (IMPORTANT! All items from previous versions will go crazy :( But the item system is good now). Compatibility is vanilla->infernity only. At least it means you can start playing infernity with your items from vanilla :) Download
1.05 Added experience bar Download
1.06 Map shared between players, Uniques from Inferno will have an additional affix as well! They are called Superuniques Download
1.07 Gold pile max size increased from 5k to 1m, shift+clicking a scroll/potion in inventory will add it to belt, shop selection stays after buying, some fixes for spells Download
1.08 Shrines display their effect in description (goat shrines and cauldron't still don't), removed permanent mana decrease from shrines = we got rid of all stuff that could permanently damage the character! So it's safe to use goat shrines/cauldrons Download
1.09 The most important update so far, adds 4 tabs to inventory. You can switch by clicking or shift+1/2/3/4 Download
1.10 fixed all bugs related to inventory/multiplayer - this will allow to expand the player structure in the future (can add more stuff) Download
1.11 motion interpolation for highlighted items, clicking highlighted name will walk to item/pick it up if nearby Download
1.12 added alternate weapon slot and switching between weapons using 'v' hotkey Download
1.13 fixes all issues with loading in single player, butcher should be in multiplayer too, portals shouldn't break in multiplayer Download
1.14 HD HD! 1600x1200 Download
1.15 HD STASH! Download
1.16 HD True Color support (RGB) Download
1.17 HD Sprite limit raised to 10k! (Firewall/chainlightning/monster spells should always work) Download
1.18 HD Hotkeys F1-F12, they save in multiplayer Download
1.19 HD Loot Filters ddraw required Download
1.19b HD walking monsters easier to hit (should fix the immune to missiles while walking horizontally bug?) Download
1.19c HD zoom works (commit id: d041454) Download
1.20 HD Spell power! Make mage normal again. (commit id: 39c6b4c) Download
1.20b HD lua crash-proof, zoom with scroll, alt highlight kind of works with zoom, packets broken (commit id: 2137ebd)
floating numbers and alt highlight work with zoom (commit id: dbd7222)
1.20c HD fixing lower edge of threaded drawing (commit id: f4bf8c9) Download
1.21 HD LATEST version 1.21 - cooldowns (commit id: 4236c64) Download