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This page includes various modding tools for games, such as Level Editors, SDKs, Texture Editors etc. Some of these (like DunEdit for Diablo 1) are extremely rare.

This page was last updated on: 13.09.2018 16:28

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Game Description Download
Diablo 1 Modding tools for Diablo 1 (includes DunEdit, CelMaker, TileViewer, WinMPQ) Download
Deus Ex 1 Official SDK for Deus Ex 1 Download
Quake/HL WAD (Texture) editor for GoldSrc/Quake 1 engine Download
Any OllyDbg: the Debugger and Disassembler Link
HL/Quake III JackHammer, first commercial level editor (freeware version available) Link
Doom engine Doom Builder 2. The best editor for games that used the Doom engine. Link
Unreal UnrealEd 2. Included with fan patch 227 Link
Q3/Q4/HL GtkRadiant. Use 1.4.0 or 1.5.0 for old games. Link
Any RAD Video Tools. Used to view SMK/BIK files. Link
HL/CS 1.6 Valve Hammer Editor 3.4. The level editor for GoldSrc. Download
SMBX PGE Editor. Best editor for SMBX by Wohlstand. Link

Lost files:

This list includes files that cannot be found by normal means. If you have these files, please e-mail me.

Game Description Further information
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